CM-2P Sistem

ALFA implant and ALFACL implant

Transmucosal dental implant in titanium

The ALFA model transgingival dental implant, produced in ASTM F67 titanium, has a cylindrical shape similar in size, geometry, thread and internal connection to one of the most popular implants on the market.
The ALFA system is produced in two main models. The first has the classic conical connection. The second, the ALFACL implant, on the other hand, has an octagon inside the cone which allows the stump to be positioned more precisely, while making the work of the doctor and dental technician easier and more precise.

The only difference between the ALFA implant and the ALFACL implant is represented by the size of the neck. In the first case we have a diameter of 4.8 mm while in the second case the diameter is 6.5 mm. The ALFACL implant is mainly used in cases of tooth constructions in the molars part, in order to take advantage of the greater contact surface between the stump and the implant.

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Transmucosal dental implant

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