Perfect One

Dental implant for serious bone atrophy

Reliable, high-performance and concrete results: Perfect One line by Normadent is the implant system for serious bone atrophy.

Arising from the evolution of the 2P line, zygomatic implants feature an internal hexagon connection. The implant body consists of three specific areas; the neck includes an anodising of; the implant body is smooth machine polished; the apical part undergoes double acid-etched treatment. Spire morphology is a dual principle. The surgical kit enables semi-guided and extra sinus surgery where possible.

The zygomatic implant is supported by the nasal implant, which is fitted in the bony part separating the maxillary sinus from the nasal cavity. The Perfect One line is completed by the pterygoid implant inserted in the pterygoid plate, where bone density ensures a greater level of stability. Its key feature is the anodised part in the neck.

The Perfect One line features the same connection as the 2P system, to facilitate stock management and create a synergy between its systems.

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Dental implant external hexagon

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