A simple installation in technique and construction

Monophasic dental implant

The monophasic dental implant was designed to meet the need to adapt to the morphology of almost all hive processes. Simple in surgical technique and in the construction of the prosthesis.

Characteristics of the monophasic dental implant:
The MONO SL implants by Dr. Morella have a valid 2 mm pitch and allow a fast and atraumatic insertion, ensuring primary stability without problems of diversion.

The plant consists of a very slender and not very traumatic central stem and spires that double the diameter of the stem, effectively guaranteeing immobility and stability. The implant is used to be inserted in the mandibular uor maxillary bone seat, obtained by milling. In addition, given its geometry, it is considered self-tapping. An accurate X-ray of the implant area is mandatory to determine the thickness of the alveolar ridges to avoid micro-fractures at the cortical level which would lengthen the time required for implant stabilization, compromising the clinical outcome.

The MONO SL dental implant by Dr. Morella is designed and manufactured considering the previously identified parameters. In particular, the MONO SL plant by Dr. Morella is made of grade 4 titanium according to ISO 5832-2 and ASTMF67-89 standards. The biocompatibility of pure titanium has been proven for over 30 years and, only in exceedingly rare cases, an intolerance or allergy to this material has occurred. It is the duty of the doctor to make a medical history of the patient, to find out the possible intolerability, even if this does not compromise the validity of the material used to produce the implant.

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