About us

About us

“Everything stems from an idea”

The story of Normadent, specialists in the production of dental implants

Normadent was founded in June 2004 by the will of a small group of entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the dental sector and their idea of creating high-quality products.

The CE marking of the first implants, in accordance with the requirements of ANNEX VI of the European Medical Devices Directive 2007/47 / EEC, represented the first significant milestone for Normadent.

The increase in demand and the need to speed up production rates subsequently led Normadent to formalize the requirements of a more complete directive annex, the ALL. II, a total quality system that covers the entire life cycle of the product, from design to after-sales assistance.
Meanwhile, together with the volume of business, the staff at Normadent has also grown.
To Normadent, quality is the fundamental requirement in every work performed thanks to the collaboration of expert implantologists, who are always able to guarantee high standards of service.

“Our mission”

We want to be a benchmark for the industry, solid, reliable, unquestionable quality, to provide the best possible outcome for the patient. The overview and the experience of the company management, the science and the expertise of the team of doctors and dental technicians make Normadent an excellent company.

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1. Normadent “on stage”

Thanks to our medical team and collaborations with doctors throughout the national territory, Normadent offers training or refresher courses for dentists and odontologists. These courses also give space to young graduates to help them get closer to the world of implantology.

2. Normadent “on tour”

A program dedicated to scientific information, thanks to which different scientific theories are examined and discussed with major exponents.

3. Normadent “learning”

A completely online program with the opportunity to attend free webinars. During these meetings, the clinical cases solved with our products are examined and thanks to the expertise of our doctors it will be possible to increase knowledge and skills.

4. Normadent “backstage”

A unique program never seen before, thanks to which the doctor or the dental professional has the opportunity to see the production process and how our products are made.

High quality standards

We are a certified company to maintain high product quality

Pursuing the idea of maintaining a high product quality, Normadent is currently certified as per Annex II according to the 93/42 / EEC regulation on medical devices ss.mm.li.
This certification allows the entire managerial system and the body responsible for releasing the CE tapping to have a complete quality assurance system.
Not only does Normadent provide a quality product for customers but also an excellent after-sales care system.

Our technological background

Certified dental implants and after sales service to guarantee the highest quality to our customers!

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